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Diagnosing your energy structure
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Diagnostics of the energy field (Aura, Astral Projection)

Our unique specialist is a master in the realms of bioenergy and clairvoyance. He has magnanimous power of influence and vision for comprehensive assistance in any of life's situations. He is a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was recognized as the best healer of Russia in 1999 and 2000, and is the developer of many methods for influencing the human field.

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Darnat - esoterics, extrasensory perception, parapsychology

The energy-informational field of a person, our aura, is the core and the foundation of existence. The quality of life as a whole, including physical health and emotional state, plus a whole range of psychological states (self-esteem, motivation, level of social interaction) depends on the state and quality of a persons aura.

On our site you will learn how specialists in the field of human bioenergy and extrasensory perception can help you.

Diagnostics of energy (Biofield, Aura)
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Bioenergy correction
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Energy protection
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Family relationships
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Unlocking potential
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Weight control
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